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AOTW: Jamie XX 'In Colour'

by Leo King

AOTW: Jamie XX 'In Colour'

About this album

Jamie xx has delivered his debut solo album, and it is a trippy, late-night treat.

The Putney born beats man from The xx - Mercury prize winners with their now fabled debut - seems to delight in taking the music wherever he wants on his first full length solo foray. Having spent recent years making waves with his remixes for Gil Scott Heron, Adele and Florence & The Machine, and producing for Alicia Keys and Drake, Jamie xx can now do as he pleases.

In Colour plays out as a continuous experience. Throughout, it has a sense of real beauty that is cleverly combined with sparse urban minimalism. It is a pensive, reflective, post-clubbing outing that delights in the minimal, but nevertheless manages to vibrantly wear the badge of an unabashed London-based outing.

Opening track 'Gosh' trip shuffles with its spacey vibe, setting a clear feeling for the ensuing tracks.

Other highlights include the steel pan sound of 'Obvs' that mixes a Caribbean vibe with an urban London trip beat, as well as the fun 'I Know There's Gonna Be' (even if the latter does feature perhaps a slightly big and gritty sound compared to the rest of the album). The addition of Jamaican star Popcaan is a smart move given his known preference for the minimal.

'Hold Tight' showcases well the trippy vibe of the album, and retains a notably optimistic and hopeful edge, while 'Stranger In A Room' has an almost gentle-90s like trance feel.

In Colour, with its dreamy backdrop, and minimal key instrumentation and vocals, closes well with the sparse 'The Rest Is Noise' and 'Girl', the second of which opens as a tribute to "the most beautiful girl in Hackney, you know".

The London feel is always apparent.

As an album, In Colour does not attempt to fit any particular categorisation but instead retains a consistently honest feel. It is all the better for it.

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