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What a decade! The noughties was full of incredible, chilled out vibes. Relax and put on our easy 00s playlist today

You might have thought that the 90s was a decade that really loved a good ballad, but the 2000s was every bit as strong. Our playlist takes a journey through some of the biggest and best songs to chill out to from that brilliant era.

We begin with James Blunt, whose hit You’re Beautiful was not only a smash but also one of the best ballads of the 2000s. Rather like songs included here from fellow smooth singing Daniel Bedingfield and Daniel Powter, there is a real nostalgic feel that will remind you of big moments you lived in that decade.

The girls also ran away with some of the best ballads. Norah Jones’ understated Don’t Know Why was one of the standout hits. Then there was Dido, inextricably linked with the 2000s, whose Life For Rent was a beautiful moment. And of course the larger than life Amy Winehouse, who arrived and departed with a huge run of outstanding music, including Love Is A Losing Game.

In the noughties there were some big bands who arrived with excellent music. Our playlist features tracks from Coldplay, The Script, and Maroon 5. Snow Patrol’s enormous hit, Chasing Cars, was a runaway giant in the ballad stakes, as was Keane’s smash, Everybody’s Changing.

Indeed, the 2000s offered more ballad hits than can be counted. If you’re planning a lazy day, put on our Easy 00s playlist, and chill right out…

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