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Once upon a time 'Indie Dance' meant something different.

It meant standing in the middle of a packed student union on a Tuesday night, overcome by a sense of defeat as your fellow freshers bellowed along to Kings Of Leon's 'Sex On Fire', determinedly ignorant of the irony.

It meant waking up more ashamed of the drunken chorus of 'Take Me Out' you'd joined after eight snakebites than the pink bile you were spewing.

It meant jeans tight enough to threaten fertility and everything depressingly smelling of menthol cigarettes.

But times have changed. 'Indie' doesn't mean what it once did. You don't need a guitar to be indie anymore. You just need an outsider attitude and a slightly alternative take on an established musical theme. So when we say we've got an Indie Dance playlist for you, we mean we've got a collection of songs from independent artists that will make you move your feet. Thank us later.

These days we have wonderfully forward thinking indie pop from the likes of School Of Seven Bells, Deradoorian and Neon Indian to fill our dancefloors. None of them conventional, all of them wildly compelling.

We have inflections of world music from Kali Uchis, subversive considerations of social issues from Christine And The Queens and rampant trip hop reinvention from Elliott Power. All now vaguely circling the hazily defined territory known as indie.

The legacy of those early indie heroes can still be sensed in the likes of Field Music, Gengahr and Hot Chip. But indie music has undergone its very own microcosmic post-modernist revolution, and been furiously reinvented.

Where once the genre was restricted to cool kids standing against walls in clubs, or frantically pogoing to their favourite chorus, now we have endlessly cooler R&B embellishments, sizzling electro innovation and swarming, multiplying soundscapes.

'Indie dance' once meant little more than a room bulging with drunken hipsters. Now it's an ultra-cool subgenre. And we've got the best of it on one playlist for you right here.

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