Return of the Urban Heroes

by Leo King

Return of the Urban Heroes

About this playlist

2015 has seen some of the biggest urban artists make a serious comeback. Check our playlist of the huge tracks!

As you know, at Napster we love the newest R&B and hip-hop artists but we equally love those enduring musicians who just keep bringing the hits.

We begin our playlist with rapper Wiz Khalifa who has made a big comeback with 'See You Again', one of the tracks of 2015. On the upbeat soul tip, both Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have of course smashed it with 'Uptown Funk', the biggest urban song in many months.

We also particularly want to draw attention to Ciara, who has delivered one of the greatest pop and R&B albums of the year, with true imagination and fantastic conviction. And it's pleasing to see the return of Ne-Yo and Usher, the latter of whom continues to keep us waiting for his album but has teased many decent songs so far.

On the outright soul front, who on earth could fail to be excited about the brilliant return of D'Angelo, who rather like Maxwell tends to disappear for years and then come back to smash it.

Hip-hop's most enduring artist, Snoop Dogg, is back with one of the best albums of the year, as is the brilliantly charismatic Ludacris. Even Mystikal is back on a gigantic track with the Ronson! Three major rap artists have also shared sentiment ahead of their forthcoming albums: Lil Wayne, Drake and Kanye West.

First album artists are strictly banned from this playlist, but those young’uns who have been working away to get bigger and bigger hits, such as the Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar (rap genius of the decade?), Miguel and Jason Derulo, are marked here.

It's always good to see the new guys making a mark, but who can resist the enduring R&B and hip-hop artists who just keep showing how it's done? Check out our massive playlist and let's hear it for the O.G.s!

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