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For just £10 a month you can listen to a new world of music downloads with 40 million songs - and playable on iPod, iPhone and Android smartphones with Napster Unlimited plus Mobile.


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Napster brings you unlimited music to play wherever you are. Search for music in every genre and play as much as you want. Create an awesome library and make playlists to play on your computer, mobile and connected home devices.

40 million songs to play

From Angels & Airwaves to Zain-Bhika, with Napster you get an unlimited streaming access to 40 million songs! Enjoy the latest releases before they hit the shops - incredibly easy to use! Weekly highlights and latest releases, playlists based on your musical taste, advert free radio stations and the incredible MoodManager - experience Napster Unlimited yourself.

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If you take a free trial you can cancel anytime before the expiry date and you won’t be charged. Once your trial period has expired, your membership will automatically be renewed.

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